Estudiantes 1a edición

Verena Exenberger

Por 29 diciembre, 20092 Comments


AM I THE LAST ONE? Una cosa – NO SOY TIMIDA – but were close to burnout syndrom before my winter holidays. But thanks God finally I do have the time to write this blog. Well, normally Austrians are always on time but it seems that I pretty much adapted to spanish culture in my short time (15 months) in Barcelona.

So, I am Austrian, well Tyrolian and yes I can talk castellano but I am afraid my writing style would be too much entertaining for you.

My parents had a very good plan for me when I was born: be nice, stay close to them, get a big house and a dog and take over their bed&breakfast in a wonderful „Heidi-village“ full of 1.300 locals – but when I became 18 everything went wrong. I quit college and my work experience in tourism brought me to Italy, Switzerland and France. Then, even more, I did a Master in Entrepreneurship and, after some struggles not knowing which direction to go, kind of stranded in Barcelona. And through some othere wondrous circumstances I landed in online marketing. My first job ever I really loved – I could like a sponge soke up every information I can get about it. I am Marketing Manager at (belongs to grupo intercom), an online jobboard like infojobs but for Austria with a very small team but pretty good traffic (for Austria). I am responsible there for mailings, cooperations, key accounts, print, our blog, social media, xml feeds, … – well, actually for everything because I am the only one in marketing. So shortly said: got kicked into something which I really do love and being forced to learn as much as possible in a short time to make a good job.

Therefore I chose this master at UAB to broaden my knowledge and improve my skills. So, looking forward geting to know all of you soon and to spend a great time together. Bis bald!


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