Nicolas Meriel: "there are no free WebAnalytics solutions. You pay with a different currency: your data"

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After a long experience in e-commerce and website developing Nicolas, joined Omniture Consulting Services in the role of Team Lead for Test&Target EMEA helping companies all over Europe to optimize their on line business.

WebAnalytics solutions maybe free or paid but WebAnalytics isn’t. For a successful strategy, time and qualified professionals are needed. The cost of webanalytics increases when we try to do website optimization. What (size, income, sector, etc.) makes website optimization a must in a business?

Actually there is no “free” WebAnalytics solution as you pay with a different currency i.e. your data! Moreover you do not own your data and publishers extract value from your data so that can be a real issue for many companies. So the question is really which WebAnalytics solution adds the most value and ROI to my business? But, you make a very good point here in highlighting that WebAnalystics i.e. the successful practice of WebAnalytics within a company has typically a cost attached if you consider staffing, tagging, deployment, training, support, maintenance etc. These costs can be pretty important whereas the cost of a software license is just one small component of your analytic solution (typically, less than 10% of total cost). According to recent research from Aberdeen companies who have implemented the so called “free” solutions all suffer from the same problem: they do not have enough resources at the organisation level to derive quantifiable business value from the solution. This lack of resources may actually results in significant less ROI because free solutions are often neglected at no “perceived” costs.

Nicolas Meriel

Nicolas Meriel

Regarding what makes wesbite optimization a must, the short answer is any kind of optimization is better than none. This is actually pretty much independent of company size but if you are considering professional optimization solutions such as Omniture Test&Target you will of course want to make sure that you can reach ROI asap. In some sectors such as eCommerce optimization is not an option at all but mandatory! Others sectors such as media for example are catching up fast as any kind of testing is better than any kind of guessing!

Focusing your website optimization on a landing page is a good way to start and obtain results. Can you tell me top 3 common mistakes of web marketeers.

There are many mistakes and pitfalls regarding landing page optimization, here are some of the most common mistakes:

1. Not considering i.e. diagnosing your webanalytics data
2. Not using data-driven hypothesis for optimization i.e. testing
3. Not having a clear call to action or USP
4. Not considering Dramatically Different Design for you LP
5. Not doing any kind of segmentation/targeting.

According to your previous answer. How you would approach the optimization for everyone of the common mistakes?

1. Besides collecting data learn to analyse AND to diagnose your data!
2. Based on your diagnosis, come up with a hypothesis and test it!
3. Make your call to action and USP clear and get rid of clutter!
4. Go design crazy and experiment with radical revolutionary designs!
5. Always segment your traffic by source and behaviour and target different LP based to different segments.

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