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Nikos Filippakis

Por 9 agosto, 2010One Comment

profile_pic¡Hola compañeros!

Me llamo Nikos y soy de Creta de Grecia. Mi castellano no es suficientemente bueno y voy a continuar con vuestro permiso en inglés. I’ve been taking Spanish and Catalan lessons for the past few months, doing my best and wishing that when I’ll meet all of you, I’ll practice more and gain my language confidence :).

So, I decided to leave my island, my home, my job, my comfortable life and the Cretan beaches and come for the next period to Barcelona for the “Master en Web”, having in that way the chance to enrich my knowledge and experiences. The previous time I left my island was for 4 years BSc studies in northern Greece, on “Information Management” and for Erasmus in Finland.

When I returned back to Crete, I started my professional route, working as a “computer science teacher” in schools and “e-commerce consulter” to local businesses in co-operation with Crete’s University. After that I worked in the advertising department of – one of the most popular portals in Greece – where I stayed for the last 4 years and I have the option to return after the MSc studies. From this position, my daily contact with advertising companies and advertisers, gave me the chance to know their “needs” and helped me organizing, monitoring and optimizing targeted campaigns (CPM/CPC/CPA).

Additionally, I’ve developed with 2 friends the site It’s a social site about events (concerts, parties, theatres, etc) around Greece and it’s developed in Drupal. It’s almost 1 year online, has quite lots of visitors and it’s also a good place for me to make some inner tests about ad-managers and affiliate networks.

I’m looking forward to coming to Barcelona (it’s going to be my first time there), start the courses and meet you. It would also be great if anyone of you plays tennis, so we could have some games :).

See you soon and enjoy your summer!


One Comment

  • Hi Nikos,

    I’m sure that you will enjoin your stay at Barcelona, as teacher and coordinator of the Master I can say that, after 1st year experience, everything is improved to offer to all students an interesting program. But honestly I don’t know if it will be enough to avoid you missing the kri-kris and the retzina 😉

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