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Germanys top 30 organic keywords in the online flower business industry

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“SEO is neither a deliverable nor a goal, so we shouldn’t sell it as if it were. Complexity and secrecy keep the ranking algorithm details unknowable so we are all, more or less, flying by the seats of our pants. No two websites are identical so there is no «one size fits all» SEO solution”. MikeTek SEM Strategist @ SEOMOZ

Why a Project about the Flower Business Industry?
During the time of the project I was working at an online flower website which focused – amongst other – also on the German market. The turnover in the flower business in the United States in 2010 was 35,2 billion Dollars and Germany is the major consumer market in 2011 with 22% market share. So you see, it is a powerful business.

With my project I wanted to focus on Search Engine Optimization, since about 30% of the income – of the online flower website I was working for – was from organic traffic. The objective was to identify the top 30 organic keywords in the German Online Flower Business. Because of that, those were the questions of the investigation:

1. Who are the top 3 players in the German online flower industry regarding SEO?
2. Which are the top 30 organic keywords with the highest Estimated Traffic Value (ETV) in the online flower industry in Germany?

After 6 months of investigation, analysis and writing – the main conclusions are the following:

Study Object: This project defines the top 30 organic keywords in search engine optimization of the German online flower industry through analyzing 4 German flower websites.

Theoretic Framework: It shows up a general explanation of SEO & the importance and value of keywords for the business, especially the fact of identifying relevant keywords for your business.

a) Explains the Process of choosing the top German flower Websites with “SeoMoz Open Site Explorer” and calculating the Domain Authority of each of those Websites.
b) Clarifies the Keyword Extraction Process from the top German Flower Websites through the “Advanced Webranking Tool”.
c) Explains how the outcome of the keywords was ranked from 1 – 30 through a variable that is called “Estimated Traffic Value” (ETV). This variable shows you the value of the keywords by indicating how much you would need to pay for them if advertising them with Google.

Human Decision: in SEO there is always human decision involved, meaning: there are several tools out there you can use for the above process. Keywords: you need to clean the keywords for relevancy and chose those keywords which are relevant for your business, meaning if somebody looks for a keyword that he/she also finds relevant content for this keyword on your website.

Use of Keywords: it is recommended to include the outcome of the keywords in your decision of SEO for your business in the following areas: onsite in metas: title, headers, meta description, alt attributions and as content on the website. Links: as anchor texts in internal and external links

And, last but not least, never forget: Google’s algorithm changes constantly & and you need to anticipate changes as a good SEO. 🙂 

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