Jessica Esculloa: Marketing, Digital strategist & Social media analyst


I will briefly introduce myself, my name is Jessica Esculloa and as a 27-year-old Latin American woman, I’m eager to build a professional career abroad. For that reason, I became part of the Master programme.

In the professional field, my four years of successful experience as a Social Media Analyst and Digital Strategist gave me the opportunity to collaborate with more than 30 clients, such as companies, publicity agencies, universities, social media platforms, and non-governmental organizations. Also, being a highly-motivated and result oriented professional has encouraged me to developed marketing projects and researches not only for the Mexican market but for the Latin America and Europe region.

In addition, during my professional experience, I have acquired knowledge of technical matters related to Technology and the Internet, such as data flow, databases, data mining, and digital security.

Nice to meet you all!

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