UX/UI Liaison

“Liaison, help a fellow entrepreneur” is an idea in development, where young entrepreneurs, and by young I don’t mean short of age, build and grow their companies with the support of colleagues in a similar position. In this project you will find a brief investigation of the Liaison’s target, entrepreneurs, in which I expect to find characteristics among them that will let this idea have a more solid base and achieve to fulfill the needs and expectations this segment wants. Challenges, issues, success stories and motivations are some of the aspects I will inquire on, and after analyzing the results will create a “persona”, which will be the starting point for the creation of the content and features of Liaison.

But the final goal of this project is not this investigation, it is building, what would hopefully be, the website of Liaison. In order to come to this point, the process will have, first analyzing some of the competitors, roughly understand them and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses.  Second, determining the key ingredients of the website, these will come from the target analysis and other characteristics that I personally would like to add in it. Third, find out the most suitable, usable and enjoyable way to display this information. Accomplishing this will be a challenge, and to overcome it I will create a first prototype of the website, test it with the entrepreneurs who the investigation was based, and analyze the results and comments coming from them. In accordance with this process I will determine the necessary changes in order to improve it and build what should be a final version of the website.

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