Facebook in the brand promotion – case study of Onlylens

Once started doing my practice as a social community manager for Onlylens (sunglasses online shop with a showroom in Barcelona also), my interest was focused on its brand promotion via Facebook. Since being a leading social platform which attracts more and more audience daily, Facebook is the most effective tool to promote a brand. Thus, it was decided to focus on Onlylens Facebook page activities and the content itself.

Project objective

The principal objective of my project was to analyze how Facebook influences on the brand promotion (case study of Onlylens online shop)

For better understanding, it was decided to make the following analysis through the comparison of Onlylens Facebook profile with two principal competitors (Sunglasses shop and Otticanet) and then, based on the investigation results, afford  a new Onlylens brand promotion strategy.

Methods and tools applied

Content analysis was the primary research method used once doing the investigation and the main tool applied to extract the content data from Facebook pages of three analysed shops was Netvizz. Moreover, to simplify the analysis I decided to elaborate the Protocol of Analysis with 18 key variables depending on the Facebook posts interaction type and index them.


The results achieved helped to understand why the competitors have bigger engagement, what factors/activities may influence on that, what was done wrong from Onlylens side to promote the brand and what can be done to improve the current situation. Thus, more often content is the key fact to increase the social engagement – frequency and time of posts don’t influence that much normally. Product type, information type and type of media used also matters.

New brand promotion offer

Based on the results achieved and conclusions made, I suggested a new plan of actions to improve Onlylens brand promotion strategy which hopefully can be applied in the nearest future and improve the current brand situation.


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