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Usability of the Jack Daniel’s e-commerce and its adaptation to Brazil

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Usability plays a vital role in the success of any e-commerce. Also, previous studies indicate how important it is for companies to adapt their e-commerce websites to every target country they might have. My Master final project describes an investigation that was carried out to identify possible usability issues among the e-commerce website of the global whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s, and to adapt the website to the Brazilian market. Using different approaches, the website was examined and judged through Brazilian lenses with the guidance of recognized usability principles.

investigation Objectives


  • To adapt the Jack Daniel’s e-commerce webpage available on the USA ( in terms of general aspects and its usability according to Brazilian needs.


  • To evaluate the acceptance of usability features of Jack Daniel’s e-commerce webpage available on the USA among Brazilian users;
  • To evaluate the categorization of information on the Jack Daniel’s e-commerce webpage available on the USA among Brazilian users;
  • To apply the detected potential usability and categorization of information changes on a new prototype.

Methodology, results and conclusions

Going through the work done along this project, we conclude that the established objectives of the study have been accomplished. This investigation employed different usability evaluation methods to assess the American Jack Daniel’s e-commerce webpage, in order to adapt it to the Brazilian market. Firstly, applying the heuristic evaluation to the website, we were able to identify initial usability problems. The majority of them were confirmed when we applied the second method, the usability test among Brazilian users. This revealed the general perception of Brazilians regarding the current American website and also pointed other usability problems that were not covered with the heuristic evaluation, as users could not complete determined tasks with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. In parallel, a card sorting investigation was being held to generate new information architecture based on Brazilians’ context and perspective, in the interest of better categorize the information of the website in a way that makes the most sense to Brazilians.

After analyzing the card sorting results, comprehensive guidelines were suggested and a new organization structure was proposed for the website. Combining the recommended information architecture with the outcomes of the other two evaluations, we suggested changes on the interface and functionalities of the website and applied them on a new prototype – always taking the Brazilians’ perceptions and experience with the website into account.

However, this is just an initial work for the adaptation of the Jack Daniel’s e-commerce website to Brazil, once it is a low fidelity prototype presented in English (because of evaluation matters), that hasn’t been validated yet.

For future work, the next immediate step is to validate the proposed prototype to assess if the recommended changes improved the usability of the website to Brazilians and to possibly detect other usability issues. After that, and based on the results of this second evaluation, the intention is to develop a high fidelity prototype with new potential changes of all website pages (thus suggest problem corrections that haven’t been suggested in this study), and also with recommending design changes (colors, images, and fonts used on the website). Finally, proceed with new evaluations that will verify if the proposed changes were effective and actually enhanced the website usability and improved the general user experience. To comply with its purpose, it is important that the high fidelity prototype to be tested is translated into Portuguese.

Having more time in the future, it should also be taken into account the creation of prototypes adapted to other devices, especially to mobile. Besides that, it would be interesting to dig deeper into the cultural adaptation aspects that need to be changed, investigating it with different methods. Also it would be valuable to study the usability of the website through the perspective of Americans (or even people with different nationalities) and cross results with this work to evaluate differences and similarities.

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